Sunday, September 11, 2011


A little while back I created a pieced and quilted diaper changing mat. I knew this was a product that was in demand and many parents wanted a combination of a cute, functional and easy to carry design, but as I went on with the concept I found that many wanted to be able to carry spare diapers and wipes along with it.

My first rendition of this idea was more of a roll and did not include a place to hold diapers. Although it was compact and could be used as a little playmat for baby, it didn't satisfy those who wanted to carry more with this mat.

The rolled mat is cute and incredibly durable with a full lining of water-resistant flannel, but I needed to also make a design for parents who wanted to carry diapers and wipes along with the mat. I started to think about my daily outings with Sonny and how I usually would grab the same few items-- diapers, wipes, a burp cloth and perhaps even a second pair of pants. I realized that this changing mat needed to be an enclosed type of case. I decided on a clutch design that folded into an envelope style and could carry the extra few items that parents always have to add at the last minute, just in case.

This new change+play clutch purse became a great solution. Moms and Dads can still look stylish (Dads--perhaps a wool felt or corduroy version for you) and it quickly becomes a changing area for baby. The diaper pocket is conveniently and confortably placed under baby's head as he/she lays during changing time and the entire mat can also be placed on the grass or sand as an impromtu seat during a play date or outing. The entire clutch folds up with the use of one hand (usually how it goes when you have a little one with you) and you can slide your hand through the loop and be ready to go in moments.

With all this said, I recently had a friend contact me to create a custom change+play clutch for her expecting friend. This was going to be shower gift and she really wanted it to be special. She shared that her friend loved a clean and modern aesthetic and really liked the colors: red, black and white. I began my search for fabrics online immediately after finding that I didn't see anything to my liking in stores. I was thrilled to come across this large scale black and grey stripe that seemed to work perfectly with the red tone-on-tone modern branch pattern. The grey and white cloud pattern was that nice finish accent to this clutch and I was ready to complete the project.

The exterior is pieced with three different patterned fabrics and interior is lined with fine-waled grey corduroy and interfaced with water-resistant flannel. The entire clutch simply folds up and closes with an elastic loop and button making set up and clean-up quick and easy. The interior pocket fits a few extra diapers and a small bag of wipes and the envelope shape of the clutch itself makes it easy to slide in an extra clothing, cloths or anything other small accessories. The D-ring attached to a hook clasped loop makes it easy to carry the clutch hands-free and makes for a cute detail as well.

I hope her friend enjoys it, and most of all...gets lots of use out of it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leslie's Messenger Tote

My high school friend (and one of my first clients), Leslie ordered her second custom order bag from me about, oh... 3 months ago. Her first was an Alkaline Trio bag that I have yet to replicate til this day. It took me a while to get this going because i really wanted to pin down the design and style of the messenger. The set dimensions were a good start, but I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of pockets, but didn't want to over-design it. To add some nice details, I incorporated piping throughout the bag as well as hints of accent fabric at the edges of the pockets. .

Her request was for a messenger type bag that fit all her everyday items. She's a very simple person when it comes to design and didn't want anything to bright or loud. She expressed her interest in owl patterns and was hoping for many pockets and a place to snap in her keys, and that was about it.

So away I went! The owl fabric was my initial source of inspiration and everything else stayed solid and refined. There's a casualness to the bag that I like...I imagine her trotting through town, riding her bike or strolling on the weekends with her bag slung over her shoulder and all the things she needs right by her side. The bag is the perfect size for short and long trips and can carry everything from keys, phone and an e-reader to a large magazine and water bottle.

The body of the bag is approximately 10" wide x 9" tall x 5" deep

The exterior is a fine-waled light grey corduroy with amber brown piping throughout and silver hardware finishes on the strap. There are 3 pockets on either side of the exterior body (one large one under the flap and 2 segmented pockets on the back) for easy access of receipts, tickets, bus passes and other items. These exterior pockets are lined with a lime green and orange polka-dot cotton fabric.

The closure is made of two D-rings and a strap to keep the flap secure and in place when the bag is in motion. The owl fabric applique on the front is a free-hand cloud-like form with orange piping on the edge.

The interior is a quilted cotton in a solid light brown (almost like chocolate milk--more milk, less chocolate)with two large pockets made of the same owl fabric from the exterior. There is also a smaller pocket for tiny items that are easily lost in such a large tote. Another D-ring is attached at the top of the interior to snap keys in place. The entire bag and strap are lined with 100% cotton batting for structure and durability.

New Pillow Cushion

I made the pillow above to accent Sonny's nursery a long time ago, but it soon became his little chair cushion once he grew out of his highchair. It has gotten much love and use and since then it has endure spills and crumbs and many, many stains. Unfortunately, the fabrics I used at the time (not knowing it would turn into the dining room pillow) are not washer friendly so the stains have remained. The insert has also gotten a lot of wear and is now almost completely flat. It was time for a new one.

For his new cushion I quilted cottons to piece the front and a thick-waled olive green corduroy for the envelope back. Naturally we went with different shades and patterns of green (and a bit of blue and tan) since it is is absolute favorite color. I initially wanted to make one large log cabin for the front, but decided to make 6 small ones instead and now I'm happy I did. I really like the vibrant colors, especially with the mix of solids and stripes. The results are a bit psychedelic and dizzying, but I love it anyway, and so does he! The best part is that this one is washable. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have joined the ranks and *finally* created a separate Facebook page for -tinanealis handmade-

here's a link:tinanealis handmade

come take a peek! please "like" the page if you would enjoy staying in touch and getting updates. thanks!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pillow for Adelina

This project has been on-going for quite some time now. My friend Luisa has been patiently waiting to add it to her daughter's nursery. It was put on the back-burner, brought out for some sketches and color selections, put aside for other things, and is now finally complete. The embroidery is done free-hand and the pieced pattern was created on the fly, the best way to work! The colors are so girly, I love it! I hope little Addie will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

White, Grey and Red Mod Quilt

My friend, Erin, from high school recently contacted me to create a custom baby quilt for her friends who are expecting their first child. The parents are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise so we had to keep the colors pretty neutral, but were able to come up with a modern combination of white, greys and reds. I drew a few ideas up, and came up with this design. It's extremely simple and very modern; the minimal use of red really makes it pop. The three off centered rectangles to the right also gave an abstract effect that looks like the letter "E", which is also the parents' last initial. I included a hand-embroidered lowercase "e" on the bottom left corner to personalize the quilt as well.

The custom order came in really quick with a tight deadline so I was very happy to finish this in time for Erin to gift and give it to her friends at the baby shower that will take place today!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Refreshing Blue Hue

I recently completed a custom order for a vacation home in San Francisco. Kristine Woolsey of Woolsey Studio is an Arizona based architect/designer and requested master bedroom pillows to be made for a home that belongs to a couple who currently resides in Arizona. Their new vacation home located in Russian Hill has an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge and exudes modern sophistication in a classic, yet youthful style. There are vibrant pops of color from incredible choices of artwork hung throughout the space. The furniture is a mixture of modern and eclectic, and of course, the views from the windows are to die for. My friend Mindy recommended me for the job and I was happy to be able to help them create these pillows for their client.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Juggling projects and having fun

Sonny's car pants

Mom's orange spring pants

Paola's pink floral pants

There are really too many projects and not enough time in the day to complete them all. Since the start of my full-time job with motherly duties in the evenings, it has left little time left for me to sew during the week. I crave sewing time all during the day, but once we're done reading bedtime stories I sometimes find it hard to get to the sewing machine. With that said, I'm pleased to find that I still love the process of gathering combinations of fabrics and coming up with things here and there.

I have been trying to get a handful of pajamas done for friends and family and finally finished them in the past month or so. My son has been asking and asking and asking "Mama, car pants? MY car pants?! so I finally had to make the time to finish them for him. I also finally finished a pair for my Mom and my friend, Paola. Both late birthday gifts, but arrived none-the-less. :) They were simple projects, but again...with little time, it was a challenge to get them completed.

As you've seen in the previous post, I have also been working on some quilted zipper purses. This is my new endeavor. I love piecing fabric together. I've done it with coasters , custom pillows, purses and totes, even changing mats (see below). I've always loved quilting, but the time it takes to devote towards an entire quilted blanket is too much for me, so the little quilted projects have been a nice way for me to enjoy the craft but not over-commit. I love how they've been turning out because you never really know the overall composition of the piece until it is complete. It's always a nice surprise.

quilted play and changing mat

simply fold in half, roll and tie.

all rolled up

Along with all the other fun and colorful ideas that have been swimming in my head, I've recently started working on these fun and useful playmat/changing pads. The idea came from Rachel of Speesees. She mentioned that many of her clients are coming in and requesting fun and snazzy changing mats, so this is what I've come up with so far. We're still in the testing phase and I have another version I'd like to, as always, there will be more to come!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lovely lovies and a full heart

many lovies to send out

solid patterned lovies

patchwork lovies

I've recently joined a group called Lilybugs, a charity knitting and quilting group that provides handmade goods for the children at the Pediatric Heart Center at UCSF here in San Francisco. I was thrilled when I found this group after moving to San Francisco. Most of you know that my Sonny was at Phoenix Children's Hospital last year to have his heart fixed. During his stay, he was surrounded by such caring and giving people, both staff and volunteers. He received much needed attention, attentive care, many toys to play with and handmade items that really did make a difference to us in our daily life while at the hospital.

Since joining Lilybugs, I have helped the group create bouncy chair vinyl covers that were a special request from UCSF. I also started creating heart-shaped blankies. When Sonny was admitted to the hospital, he used his left thumb to soothe, but he soon couldn't do this because of the IV placement on his left arm. He became very attached to his blankie throughout his stay. It kept him warm when he couldn't wear clothes (because of all the attachments to the equipment) and covered his eyes at night from the bright hallway lights. I sent my first batch of blankies to UCSF and will be sending to PCH soon after. I hope by making these items it will help make the stay for these children as comforting and loving as it was for my son.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pairs of pants

Not one, but two pairs of pants for my favorite twins! For Gabe, a transportation themed pair that included trains, trucks and cars. And then there are the brightly colored modern dots for the fashionable Nattie. These tiny little pants look oh-so-adorable when finished and look even cuter on their models. Nattie was happy to wear her pants, but Gabe must have thought we were changing him into pajamas and putting him to bed so he was reluctant, hence only one photo of Nattie. :)

Happy 2nd Birthday to you both!

Oh, I also made a pair for Sonny a couple weeks ago. He chose the train fabric while we were out and was so happy to see them turned into pants soon after. He loves to put them on every time he sees them.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Embroidered together

This gift comes a little late, but I figured it could greet them at their doorstep when they arrive home from their destination wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. I had a few sketches before finally deciding on this design. The only color/theme details I had from the wedding was the location. The colors chosen are colorful and included modern jewel tones, which were suppose to draw from the sunset and tropical flowers found in Hawaii (or so I think, seeing I've never been). I've been enjoying the mixed process of hand embroidery and quilting. It's a great way to get some quilting in without committing to an entire blanket. The piecing process of the blocks changed throughout this project as I played with shapes and colors, but I am pleased with the results. I hope the pillow will be a nice addition to their joined decor. Congratulations to both of you and best wishes!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A tote, a sketch, and some pillows

This tote came soon after the book tote, but I never had the chance to post it. I've been saving this 'wonderland' fabric for more than a year now and I kept telling myself I'd save it for something special, but wasn't sure what that would be. It was just a fat quarter, so there wasn't much of it. I thought it was finally time to use it and I'm glad I did. I did some free-hand quilting on the front and added some exterior pockets on the back. The interior has one high pocket for keys and other small items.

Next up is a sketch I've been working on to create an embroidery. I'd like to eventually embroider the design to fabric. Not quite sure what I'll do after that, but I was thinking perhaps an accent pillow for the couch or bed for the newly married couple. It's next on my to-do list so we'll see...

Lastly, these were a pair of pillowcases I made for my little buddy, Alex. He turned 3 years old last week and loves fire engines and all things related to transportation. His Mom said he needed new pillowcases so I thought these fabrics would be perfect! I kept the trim the same on each so that they looked more like a pair. I love the bright colors and pattern on these.