Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Past work - all SOLD

I've done this sewing thing for a little while now, I just never really archived any of it in a journal so theses are a few things I've made in the past. I may add more, although the further I go back the more amateur my work seems to look. Anyway, here they are from oldest to most recent...

Corduroy Lace Clutch

Leather Wallet

Hot Pink Corduroy Slouchy

Aqua Vinyl Slouchy

Camouflage Slouchy

Satin RingBearer Pillow

Brown Corduroy Ribbon Clutch

Black & Striped Corduroy Purse

Brown Corduroy Tote

Olive Leather Clutch

Tan Leather Clutch

Alkaline Trio Purse

Baby Quilt

Please keep in mind that these were all custom orders and already have loving homes.


denise said...

tina=> i'm so excited to see you are posting your work on the website now! i can't wait to see more. (and i can't wait until i can order my own bag someday!) it's only a matter of time before you can quit the day job. :) hope everything is going well for you and russ. good luck & best wishes=> denise

Belle said...

Absolutely Adorable! I love your work ~ Belle :)

tina said...


Haf said...

very cool. expect some orders from me this year to give to friends! love to see the creativity!

tina said...

thanks haf!

kate said...

hey, i have a question. do you have a tutorial or some recommendations for totes like the brown corderoy tote?? cause i've been trying to make one for summer but they never turn out quite right.

thanks, katie

tina said...

hi kate. i'm sorry, but i do not make tutorials anymore. because of my orders, i no longer have time to put them together. you could probably do a search on google or go to that site is a great resource for all types of tutorials. good luck!

Aabidah said...

OMG you're so good i love your bags. Unfortunately I'M BROKE. anyway your gonna be selling gift certificates. i love the slouchies purse minis EVERYTHING. your so darn good. God i hate you, lol.
anywayz i'm gonna try making your slouchy with the tut i'll send you the results. i'm gonna add you to my aim. I think you could totally start a store and get real good buisness you could even end up in the elle girl mag. just right em. anywayz love your bags and keep making them and maybe i'll catch some b4 they're sold.