Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's a Girl! - SOLD

This is just the beginning of a baby quilt I am making for my Mom's friend. She's expecting a baby girl some time this August. I've finished piecing the front and I'm in the process of pinning and quilting the entire blanket.

I will add more pictures once I'm finished, but thought I'd show the front for now. The backing will be a light yellow minky fabric...very soft!!


brianna said...

that's adorable. i can feel my ovaries jumping just from looking at this. the baby (and Baby Mama) will love it. (The Tot has one he's carried around since he was 8 months old)

tina said...

ah thanks!! i know...i remember carrying mine around everywhere when i was little. i think it was a changing sheet though and not a baby blanket. haha

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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