Friday, June 23, 2006

From the archives - all SOLD

I was just looking at some old pictures stored on my other laptop and found a couple projects back in the day. Not THAT long ago, but definitely worth posting.

The first one was just a little pencil (feminine product, makeup, doodad..whatever) pouch. I made it for Gina. She's special because I say so. The fabric is %100 cottom print. The exterior is a comic print and the interior is just white with red polka dots. You will come to realize most of my projects will include dots somewhere..

This second one was a little gift to my sister... kind of a scrappy pillow of sorts. It's just a log cabin quilted pattern with a picture of the two of us at Knott's Berry Farm in the center. Excuse the bowl haircuts, please.


erin scissorhands said...

wow, it all looks great, i love your blog, im going to go look at more of it!

Cactus Prick said...

Creative stuff -- not that I'm really into carrying purses or anything. Well... much. haha

tina said...

thank you much!!