Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baby Bibs

A co-worker and his wife are expecting a baby girl this coming week. I just got this done and now I can wrap it up and get it out to her just in time! I made my own pattern, althought that didn't take much effort. The bibs are approximately 9"x12". I rounded the corners, binded the edges with solid pink cotton fabric and added some snap closures. These were actually really fun to make. I had a little trouble with the binding, but that comes with rounded edges. The polka dotted and number ones have pink terry cloth on the opposite side. The one with pink flowers has a complimenting cotton fabric on the other side. All three bibs have a vinyl iron on cover on one side for easy wipe off. I may have to try using a more stretch fabric for the binding next time...hopefully that would solve my scrunched problem. I hope she likes them!

all three bibs with vinyl on the front side and binded with solid pink.

numbers on front, pink terry cloth on back

sweet polka dots on front, pink terry cloth on back

pink flowers on front, brown patterned fabric on back

back side with brown patterned of my favorites.

There are 2 other people that are expecting soon that I will also be making bibs for so there will be more to come! I will post them as I finish.

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Margarida said...

muito lindas estas peças para bebés
bjs da avó guida