Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Retro Plush Car

Okay, so this was a complete shot in the dark. I thought I'd try my hand at some stuffed things. This is my first try at a stuffed car. I drew it out first and then made my cuts and just ran with it...adding windows, door handles, and even wheels! I really don't like hand-stitching, but I had to do that after I stuffed it to close it up and it actually was rather clean! I think it turned out pretty cute. Maybe I'll make different types of cars! I really loved the retro fabric. My favorite part are the wool felt wheels!


CraftyRachel said...

Cute! I love your idea of using felt for the wheels. Not only looks great, but is probably fun for baby to feel the different textures.

I saw a stuffed patchwork VW bug at a perfume shop in Paris and have been trying to devise a way of making it myself... I haven't attempted it yet, but your experiment is an inspiration!

tina said...

thank you! i bet a bug wouldn't be too hard to do. just cut the shape and you can just make a gusset to finish the sides.

oh, i love your site! adorable sweaters!!