Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Second Dress and a Finished Quilt

I finished another pillowcase dress. The second one went even faster than the first. They are really satisfying to complete since they go so quick and the color palettes are so fun to coordinate. This one is more of a tangy color with rainbows on the body of the dress. I'm hoping to get a handful of them done and ready for the Hissyfits Hullabaloo.

I put this quilt on hold for a bit to work on the pillow dresses. I started to get tired of the quilting. It was just starting to get a tad monotonous, but after a week long break I was ready to finish it up. As I finished the quilting, I fell in love with the whole blanket again. I think the simplistic quilting really makes the entire quilt stand out. I found the perfect dark brown, polka-dotted fabric for the border. It's now washed, wrinkly and folded... ready to be delivered to a brand new baby boy!


brii said...

must get one for the baby girl!!! beautiful!

tina nealis said...

thanks!! just let me know!