Monday, July 19, 2010

A tote, a sketch, and some pillows

This tote came soon after the book tote, but I never had the chance to post it. I've been saving this 'wonderland' fabric for more than a year now and I kept telling myself I'd save it for something special, but wasn't sure what that would be. It was just a fat quarter, so there wasn't much of it. I thought it was finally time to use it and I'm glad I did. I did some free-hand quilting on the front and added some exterior pockets on the back. The interior has one high pocket for keys and other small items.

Next up is a sketch I've been working on to create an embroidery. I'd like to eventually embroider the design to fabric. Not quite sure what I'll do after that, but I was thinking perhaps an accent pillow for the couch or bed for the newly married couple. It's next on my to-do list so we'll see...

Lastly, these were a pair of pillowcases I made for my little buddy, Alex. He turned 3 years old last week and loves fire engines and all things related to transportation. His Mom said he needed new pillowcases so I thought these fabrics would be perfect! I kept the trim the same on each so that they looked more like a pair. I love the bright colors and pattern on these.

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Ashley Lauren Weber said...

oh my, i LOVE the tote!!!