Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lovely lovies and a full heart

many lovies to send out

solid patterned lovies

patchwork lovies

I've recently joined a group called Lilybugs, a charity knitting and quilting group that provides handmade goods for the children at the Pediatric Heart Center at UCSF here in San Francisco. I was thrilled when I found this group after moving to San Francisco. Most of you know that my Sonny was at Phoenix Children's Hospital last year to have his heart fixed. During his stay, he was surrounded by such caring and giving people, both staff and volunteers. He received much needed attention, attentive care, many toys to play with and handmade items that really did make a difference to us in our daily life while at the hospital.

Since joining Lilybugs, I have helped the group create bouncy chair vinyl covers that were a special request from UCSF. I also started creating heart-shaped blankies. When Sonny was admitted to the hospital, he used his left thumb to soothe, but he soon couldn't do this because of the IV placement on his left arm. He became very attached to his blankie throughout his stay. It kept him warm when he couldn't wear clothes (because of all the attachments to the equipment) and covered his eyes at night from the bright hallway lights. I sent my first batch of blankies to UCSF and will be sending to PCH soon after. I hope by making these items it will help make the stay for these children as comforting and loving as it was for my son.

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missy said...

Love this Tina!! I need to see if there is something like this in Tucson!