Saturday, June 04, 2011

White, Grey and Red Mod Quilt

My friend, Erin, from high school recently contacted me to create a custom baby quilt for her friends who are expecting their first child. The parents are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise so we had to keep the colors pretty neutral, but were able to come up with a modern combination of white, greys and reds. I drew a few ideas up, and came up with this design. It's extremely simple and very modern; the minimal use of red really makes it pop. The three off centered rectangles to the right also gave an abstract effect that looks like the letter "E", which is also the parents' last initial. I included a hand-embroidered lowercase "e" on the bottom left corner to personalize the quilt as well.

The custom order came in really quick with a tight deadline so I was very happy to finish this in time for Erin to gift and give it to her friends at the baby shower that will take place today!

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