Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Pillow Cushion

I made the pillow above to accent Sonny's nursery a long time ago, but it soon became his little chair cushion once he grew out of his highchair. It has gotten much love and use and since then it has endure spills and crumbs and many, many stains. Unfortunately, the fabrics I used at the time (not knowing it would turn into the dining room pillow) are not washer friendly so the stains have remained. The insert has also gotten a lot of wear and is now almost completely flat. It was time for a new one.

For his new cushion I quilted cottons to piece the front and a thick-waled olive green corduroy for the envelope back. Naturally we went with different shades and patterns of green (and a bit of blue and tan) since it is is absolute favorite color. I initially wanted to make one large log cabin for the front, but decided to make 6 small ones instead and now I'm happy I did. I really like the vibrant colors, especially with the mix of solids and stripes. The results are a bit psychedelic and dizzying, but I love it anyway, and so does he! The best part is that this one is washable. :)

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