Sunday, September 11, 2011


A little while back I created a pieced and quilted diaper changing mat. I knew this was a product that was in demand and many parents wanted a combination of a cute, functional and easy to carry design, but as I went on with the concept I found that many wanted to be able to carry spare diapers and wipes along with it.

My first rendition of this idea was more of a roll and did not include a place to hold diapers. Although it was compact and could be used as a little playmat for baby, it didn't satisfy those who wanted to carry more with this mat.

The rolled mat is cute and incredibly durable with a full lining of water-resistant flannel, but I needed to also make a design for parents who wanted to carry diapers and wipes along with the mat. I started to think about my daily outings with Sonny and how I usually would grab the same few items-- diapers, wipes, a burp cloth and perhaps even a second pair of pants. I realized that this changing mat needed to be an enclosed type of case. I decided on a clutch design that folded into an envelope style and could carry the extra few items that parents always have to add at the last minute, just in case.

This new change+play clutch purse became a great solution. Moms and Dads can still look stylish (Dads--perhaps a wool felt or corduroy version for you) and it quickly becomes a changing area for baby. The diaper pocket is conveniently and confortably placed under baby's head as he/she lays during changing time and the entire mat can also be placed on the grass or sand as an impromtu seat during a play date or outing. The entire clutch folds up with the use of one hand (usually how it goes when you have a little one with you) and you can slide your hand through the loop and be ready to go in moments.

With all this said, I recently had a friend contact me to create a custom change+play clutch for her expecting friend. This was going to be shower gift and she really wanted it to be special. She shared that her friend loved a clean and modern aesthetic and really liked the colors: red, black and white. I began my search for fabrics online immediately after finding that I didn't see anything to my liking in stores. I was thrilled to come across this large scale black and grey stripe that seemed to work perfectly with the red tone-on-tone modern branch pattern. The grey and white cloud pattern was that nice finish accent to this clutch and I was ready to complete the project.

The exterior is pieced with three different patterned fabrics and interior is lined with fine-waled grey corduroy and interfaced with water-resistant flannel. The entire clutch simply folds up and closes with an elastic loop and button making set up and clean-up quick and easy. The interior pocket fits a few extra diapers and a small bag of wipes and the envelope shape of the clutch itself makes it easy to slide in an extra clothing, cloths or anything other small accessories. The D-ring attached to a hook clasped loop makes it easy to carry the clutch hands-free and makes for a cute detail as well.

I hope her friend enjoys it, and most of all...gets lots of use out of it.

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